DC 10 Is Preparing For Take Off

DC 10 Go-Go Bar is situated on the middle level in Nana Plaza, next to Sexy Night and Casanova.  DC 10 is under new ownership and will (hopefully) reopen its doors on Christmas Eve. Now under the same ownership as Spankys, the new DC 10 is remodelled to look like the inside of an airplane.  Well, this is certainly a fresh concept for Nana Plaza and let’s hope that DC 10 really takes off.  There is a soft opening planned for Christmas Eve and I know how you like soft openings!

DC 10 Bar 2 - DC 10 Is Preparing For Take Off

THE CASTLE BANNER6 - DC 10 Is Preparing For Take Off

These images are examples of the interior perspective of what the new DC 10 will look like.  In the meantime, the brand new DC 10 is preparing for take off…

DC 10 Bar - DC 10 Is Preparing For Take Off


TOWN LODGE BANNER2 - DC 10 Is Preparing For Take Off

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6 Responses to “DC 10 Is Preparing For Take Off”

  1. bruteMax says:

    Wow that really does look nice. Not the biggest place, but under natural lighting certainly looks the most unique!

  2. david shiel says:

    May just be the cat’s meow! It looks well worth a look.

  3. Pete says:

    Can we expect that girls will be suitably attired, like their Pattaya Airport Club sisters ?

  4. DC 10 will reopen on Christmas Day. The builders are working as fast as they can to get it open.

  5. Crackpot says:

    Those pictures are computer simulation. I was there a few days ago and there was nothing inside except a void.

    And DC10 is one of the smallest venues in NEP…a single unit. Not so much space to be creative.

  6. Yes Crackpot, the images are a computer simulation, but the actual design is very similar. DC 10 is a small bar but at least somebody is investing in a new concept for Nana Plaza. I have been looking inside DC 10 every day and they might be ready to open on Christmas Day. It’s a close call.

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