After Dark Asia Go-Go Girls #17

Following a delay at the printers, Thailand’s most popular go-go girly magazine After Dark Asia has published its latest edition.

THE CASTLE SMALL - After Dark Asia Go-Go Girls #17

Volume 17 is available from a variety of go-go bars and outlets in Pattaya.  In Bangkok you can pick up a copy from the go-go bars who advertise with After Dark and it is available in a few shops.  However, After Dark is much harder to find in Bangkok’s shops, so go-go bars is probably your best option in Bangkok.

Unlike ‘dream girls’ in other girly magazines, you can actually meet these sexy Thai girls in the go-go bars of Bangkok and Pattaya.  I find myself asking is After Dark Asia a magazine, or a catalogue?  

After Dark Asia Volume 171 - After Dark Asia Go-Go Girls #17

AFTER DARK ASIA BANNER2 - After Dark Asia Go-Go Girls #17


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  1. yeamin says:

    i need good information because we are comming every two month in bangkok.

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