Thai New Year Kicks Off Early

Traditional Thai New Year known as Songkran has kicked off early this year. It’s only April 12th, but the water wars are well under way in Pattaya and Bangkok.

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Here in Bangkok, the last day of the water wars is April 15th, but down in Pattaya it continues for at least a week. If you really hate the water fights, there is no escaping it down in Pattaya. You cannot stop the Thais celebrating Songkran, so you are best advised to avoid the public display of big boys and girls behaving badly! Every year there are numerous road accidents, deaths, violence and injuries. Not to mention those that go to hospital with nasty eye infections and others who become very ill from consuming infected water. However, if you are hellbent on the water wars, the Kaosan Road area is the main Bangkok battlefield. It is like a miniature version of Pattaya. Down in Sin City, or Pattaya, the whole city is one big battlefield, especially along Beach Road. There is also a lot of water wars in the Patong Beach area of Phuket.

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Most bar owners in Bangkok are sensible enough to keep the enclosed bars, go-go bars, pubs and clubs, as DRY ZONES. However, the water wars (usually) end by nightfall.

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Wishing you a Happy Thai New Year – Sawatdee Pee Mai kap!

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3 Responses to “Thai New Year Kicks Off Early”

  1. Water Wars Warning – Some people constantly complain about the water wars during Songkran, but you can’t stop the Thais celebrating their traditional New Year. It is clearly a case of ‘the Thai way or the highway.’ The one thing I disagree with is that people dressed in their work clothes are deliberately drenched and/or smeared with sticky powder. Those that don’t want to participate should be given that freedom; after all this country is supposed to be the land of the free right? But, I notice that some Thais (and farangs too) are hellbent on soaking everybody out of sheer spite. In extreme cases when the victims complain, they get beaten up by drunken mobs. The true spirit of Songkran was lost many years ago. Businesses in Thailand must lose a lot of money every Songkran and many people are injured, and even killed, but little can change that. When Songkran approaches, there is what I call the ‘expat exodus’ when many Thailand residents flee the country every April. In conclusion, if you hate Songkran, apart from locking yourself indoors, the most sensible tactics are escape and evasion.

  2. fran rush says:

    songkran is great fun and it is only for a few days a year and most people are off work for it sure what is a little water and powder going to do,i think every one should relax and enjoy the festival

  3. Hi Fran Rush, good to see somebody with a positive attitude, but your opinion seems to be in the minority among the Thailand expat community. I got soaked last night and thought, ‘If you can’t beat them join them’ and I went commando with a big water gun. There was a massive water war inside Billboard Bar (top floor in Nana Plaza) last night. The Thai staff had a great time, the Boss gave them free drinks all night. It was the craziest party I’ve ever seen inside a Bangkok go-go bar. We certainly enjoyed the festival. Billboard is closed tonight but Angelwitch Go-Go Bar (middle level Nana) is open tonight.

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