Sexy Asian Girls With Body Paint

How Do You Make Thai Girls Even More Sexy?

Since my recent post on Tattoos got people commenting and emailing me, I decided to follow up with a feature on body painting. I believe this is a paint on rubber. Some people might find it shocking, but as with tattoos, we see this as art and all done in the best possible taste. At the same time it manages to be incredible sexy.  There will be more Thai babe’s and sexy photos coming soon, so please keep visiting regularly. Also, don’t forget to share on Facebook, if you like the content. Just click the Facebook button at the top-left of each post. After all, sharing is caring!

most sexy asian girl with body paint

Yes it is Painted on!

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2 Responses to “Sexy Asian Girls With Body Paint”

  1. SemperFiGuy says:

    Cannot find subscription form for your pages…please advise.
    Reading your pages, I am reminded of my first R&R in Bangkok (I was 18, a U.S. Navy (FMF) Corpsman, it was 1973). I’m about to make my 2nd trip to Pattaya this year and find your sight to be an informative, interesting read. Wish there was more about the mechanisms that make Pattaya work (hints about “After Hours” spots, the best massage spots etc.)
    Keep on keepin’ on! Thanks!

  2. tom says:

    hi my nick name is tom but most call me by my street name diablo, i am a custom airbrush artist and i recently been doing airbrush make up fx with custom prosthetics from zombie makeup to she devil and even snake girl and ect, to know more about what i can do please check my web site, i am looking for any kind or small all bid airbrush work to show my talent and something new,i am now staying in pattaya, hope to here from u soon .

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