Thai Bikini Babes

As some of you know I am off to Pattaya for a couple of days well earned break.  Of course while I am there I will be scouting around to see what is going on in the Bars and Go Go Bars down there and  I will report back with my findings.  In the meantime all this talk of the beach has got me thinking about Thai Babes in Bikinis and so here are some pics of stunning thai girls at the beach or in bikinis. I hope you enjoy and please dont forget share with your friends. Comments are always welcome.

super hot thai girl bikini 220x300 - Thai Bikini Babes

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4 Responses to “Thai Bikini Babes”

  1. acer69 says:

    I dont think the girl leaning over the pool table is wearing a bikini? That looks like lingerie to me? however she is incredibly sexy so I think we should let it pass just this once 😉

  2. Louis says:

    So glad you are writing more posts again. There’s no better place to get my Thailand arm-chair travel fix than from Dave the Rave. I notice that you are posting a lot more images. Have you considered a WordPress plug-in like NextGEN Gallery or Lightbox 2? These make it easier to size and upload your images, but also make it easier for viewers because they don’t have to continuously click their browser’s “back” button to get back to the main post when you are done looking at a picture. The pic simply appears in a pop-up and viewers can x it out get back to the main post or navigate to the next pic. Both these plug-ins mentioned above are free, so it’s an easy way to make it easier to view images.

    Keep posting regardless. Looking forward to reading more.

  3. Louis,
    Thanks for this I have put Toby onto it and he tells me he knows about this plugin and will get it sorted. Don’t worry…..They say global warming is hot…wait till you see what we’ve got in store….lots more pics coming soon……

  4. Matthew lin says:

    Hello swasdi to all sexy Thai girls models I would love to meet all of you sexy Thai woman for date adults fun sex romance.

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