Bangkok Bar Closes Its Doors

Video Of The Day – Texas Lone Star Saloon

A nostalgic look back throughout the years of the Texas Lone Star Saloon. Sadly it closes its doors, but the Texas Saloon leaves behind some special Bangkok bar history. Acclaimed authors Dean Barrett, Stephen Leather and Christopher Moore, regularly held book signings at the Texas Saloon. These events often attracted large crowds. Hence the name, this bar was particularly popular with Americans, who will miss their local watering hole. A piece of Bangkok’s history is about to depart and I thought the least I could do was to share this video with you…


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2 Responses to “Bangkok Bar Closes Its Doors”

  1. Jim Hegney says:

    After Lucy’s Tiger Den closed, this was THE place to hang out in Bangkok. Where to go now for a quiet drink and to socialise?

  2. sirmarjalot says:

    Any reason why the Texas Lone Star Saloon closed it door for the last time? The video it looks busy inside? Not one of my hangouts but sad to see it go. Is this the way all the bars along Washington Square will go now?

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