Daves Babes – Stunning Thai Girl

Photo Of The Day – Ride ‘Em Cowgirl

You know that pictures speak louder than words. What else is there to say?

stunning thai girl - Daves Babes - Stunning Thai Girl

Dave The Rave Bangkok Update

ALL POSTS PAGE – There is a new Page that updates automatically. It contains a listing of every article published on this website, which is over 500 articles. It is a convenient way to read all of the posts – All Posts Page

MENU BAR – A Menu Bar is now at the top of each Page. This makes it easy to navigate your way around my website. Simply place your cursor over MAIN PAGES, CATEGORIES, RECENT POSTS, ARCHIVES, LINKS and a drop-down menu box will appear. You can return ‘HOME’ at any time on any Page. Also, there is a simplified Menu Bar at the bottom of each Page.

SIDE BAR UPDATE – We have updated the Side Bar with a new Photo Gallery and YouTube Videos of sexy Thai girls. It is located just below Review Pages. When you refresh your web page, new photos appear. Go to the right of each Page if you like a bit on the side!

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3 Responses to “Daves Babes – Stunning Thai Girl”

  1. MaoPiratePete says:

    Damn fine one that Dave!

  2. Jim Hegney says:

    A leftover from the Texas Lone Staar … or more likely one of their granddaughters. :p

  3. shaun says:

    Top babe! Her name is Sora Aoi.

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