Hangover 2 Hits Bangkok Movie Theaters

Hangover Sequel Makes An Impact At Thai Movie Theaters

Hangover part 2 hits Bangkok1 - Hangover 2 Hits Bangkok Movie TheatersThe eagerly awaited movie Hangover 2 that was filmed in Bangkok, is now showing in Thai cinemas. Below is a YouTube trailer showing you what to expect. There is an outrageous scene involving a machine gun, filmed inside Tilac Go-Go Bar in Soi Cowboy. This is just one outrageous incident of many in this popular American comedy.

One of the stars of Hangover 2 was complaining to the media about how ‘disgusted’ he was with Bangkok’s naughty nightlife. However, he had no problem getting paid a ton of money to star in the Thailand based movie. Hangover 2 has a number of outrageous situations, including a scene inside a Bangkok go-go bar. Perhaps he has led a sheltered life, or is it a case of double standards?

QUICK CLICK – Read the article by The Daily Telegraph

Since its release Hangover 2 has made an impact in movie theaters…


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2 Responses to “Hangover 2 Hits Bangkok Movie Theaters”

  1. marek says:

    Well I guess it was just expected from him to say something like that. If he would not be so well known I think he would speak differently about Bangkok and he might even enjoy the seedier parts of the city…

  2. Lance says:

    I don’t think it is case of “sheltered life”, nor double standards. At least I don’t see it in this case.

    From the context of article, it seems he is referring to “ping-pong” show, which I am not sure about other countries, but in US, it is not very common at all. I don’t particularly think all of my friends are “sheltered”, but I am fairly confident that I could find at least few among them who would find the show upsetting.

    Sit any of them in front of TV Interviewer, which will be seen my millions of people, including people they know, I am more than willing to bet most of my friends would say they find it less than appealing.

    On top of which the movie is about men behaving badly, day before wedding, if I were to be in the interview, I would personally, under oath, find it absolutely disgusting!

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