British Pub Grub In Bangkok

Where Can You Find Good Pub Grub?

Humans get various cravings from time to time. With me it often derives from my stomach; what a surprise! A desire for British pub grub will soon have my tummy rumbling and get me marching down to a public house. And so, where do you go for British pub grub that is authentic, but not expensive?

Well, two of my favourites are Chequers Pub (Soi Nana) and the Queen Victoria (Sukhumvit Soi 23). The connection and logic is simple, they both hire the same head chef. The man responsible for the excellent pub grub is Peter Street, who previously ran Bobby’s Arms in Patpong.

When you are nearby Soi Cowboy visit the Queen Victoria and when you are nearby Nana Plaza visit Chequers Pub. I’m confident you won’t be disappointed. I really appreciate good British home style cooking, because my dear mother religiously burnt our dinners. The sausages were nearly always as black as coal. Bless her!

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Just the other day I visited Chequers Pub and ordered the puff pastry meat pie, with mashed potatoes, garden peas and brown gravy. That hit the spot I can tell you! The problem with pies here is it’s hard to get the pastry right, especially crispy puff pastry. Chequers Pub is one exception to the norm. It was excellent and cost a reasonable 250 baht net.

Recently a friend was stuck inside Heathrow Airport. He was starving and paid 500 baht (about 10 pounds) for a cheeseburger and chips. Now that’s what you call expensive. This much better meal below will cost you half that amount. People ask me why I left England over 12 years ago, well there is one very good reason.

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6 Responses to “British Pub Grub In Bangkok”

  1. In this article I am specifically talking about value for money. There are a lot of great pubs in Bangkok, but the theme pubs can be expensive. It’s hard to beat Chequers Pub for the quality of the food at very reasonable prices.

  2. big kev says:

    Can you review the best places to get a steak in Bangkok. Thai steak is like rubber and the imported steaks seem to be 1,000 bht or over….

  3. Crackpot says:

    The Chequers will lose some trade because of their policy of allowing smoking inside the bar. When are people going to learn that its economically counter-productive to allow a few selfish people to feed their addiction and prioritise them over the health conscious majority? Smokers will go outside to light up,but diners wont bother to eat there if the place stinks of tobacco smoke and the air is thick with smog.

    As to the food in question,both places are ok.

  4. Hi Crackpot, inside Chequers Pub there is a NO SMOKING restaurant upstairs, with a TV screen so you don’t miss the live sports. Simply go upstairs to eat. Furthermore, the food in Chequers Pub and the Queen Victoria is much more than merely OK.

  5. Nick says:

    In reply to big Kev. All steaks served in chequers are “imported” and are widely regarded as the best value around. All under 500B with all the trimmings, many people come back again and again especially on a Monday or Tuesday when we offer all steaks at reduced price !

  6. Nick makes a good point about the steaks in Chequers Pub. I can tell you that under 500 baht is a very good meal deal by Bangkok’s prices.

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