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thai dating3 - Meet Thai GirlsFor guys  who want to meet single Thai girls, one of the most popular ways is now through dating websites. There are  literally hundreds of these and too many to go into in this post, so we will focus on the ones that seem to be the most popular with Thai girls. Thai Love Links, Thai Love Lines, Date in Asia and Thai Friendly seem to be the main ones.  All of these websites have a free sign up, but quickly try to steer people into a membership by restricting access in some way. Toby had a play with these websites and came to the conclusion the one he liked the most for thai dating was Thai Friendly.  It is the easiest dating website to join and navigate, plus they seem to have tons of hot Thai girls on board. In addition, they seem less commercial and more fun than the others. Date in Asia is also very popular and is free. However, the best way is to check them out for yourselves. Happy babe hunting!


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6 Responses to “Meet Thai Girls”

  1. scratchy says:

    I totally agree Dave I was on thai lovelinks but they cancelled my membership for no good reason apparently the site is run by some politically correct people in australia. The real question is where can I meet the girl in the picture (on the right) !!! 🙂

  2. DAKE333 says:


  3. Jake Blues says:

    Based on my experience with both, I would recommend Thai Love Links if you’re looking for a wife and Thai Friendly if you’re looking for a fling.

  4. Thanks for your comments guys and happy hunting!

  5. dog lovers date club says:

    LOL, I have to say the on the internet dating or electronic dating has come a hell of a way from the days of basic chat rooms. A lot more and much more people are turning to online dating web sites to screen potential dates.

  6. capun says:

    i need a sexy lady

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