After Hours Clubs Bangkok Update Aug 2011

Recently I discovered that the long established and well known Spicy Club on Ron Muang soi 5 (most taxis know it), near MBK Shopping Mall  has had a face lift. I am told Spicy looks a lot better now it is spiced up!

Also, another after hours club, which is causing some buzz is  Mixx Club. The modern and relatively new Mixx Club is located in the basement of the Intercontinental Hotel (D-Floor), President Tower Arcade, next to Gaysorn Plaza (BTS Chitlom). The music style is Hip Hop and house music on two floors, so you could say it’s a mix ‘n’ match.  It’s a short hop over the road from the Grand Hyatt Hotel if you are at  Spasso Club.  My webmaster Toby, who does the Bangkok Hangover Tours assures me its well worth a visit.

However, we just have to wait for this period of police enforced 2:00 AM closing to end, which is inconvenient and costing Bangkok’s after hours nightclubs a lot of money. If you are not aware it is due to the annual Thai Police reshuffle.

Also check out this awesome video of a show at the Apple Coyote Club. Coming up  will be a post on the nightlife of Phnom Penh. It’s ‘off the rails’ in Cambodia. As always please share on Facebook and Twitter.


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4 Responses to “After Hours Clubs Bangkok Update Aug 2011”

  1. Joe Bren says:

    This must be in the category of ‘so bad, it’s good’.

    Looking forward to your comments on Phnom Penh. It’s my favorite bar city, probably like Bangkok 30 years ago. Off there next week for a month. Most of the English ‘locals’ like to complain and moan about the place, Americans seems more appreciative of it’s endless delights.

  2. Hi Joe, I find that it depends on the individual. There are a number of jaded expats here in Thailand of various nationalities that are incessant complainers. I like Phnom Penh and the Cambodian people are generally polite and friendly to visitors

  3. Luca Brasi says:

    Dave- Great info thank you. I have been to BKK 3 times and on many occasions have told the taxi drivers very late night to find me the best after hours place. Each time I have eventually wound up at the same place that seems off the beaten path but they all know about. One time there were police outside and they said it was closed. Ten minutes later somebody paid somebody and it reopened for business around 4 AM.

    It’s not a disco or FL club but instead is like a drink club (no dancing or live music) open till around 5AM that offers ladies to go. There have always been between 30-40 girls there and many are hot. I have never had a bad experience. The bar fines are pricey but who cares at that time?

    There is a large bar on the right side as you enter and a lot of tables in front where customers buy drinks and talk with the girls. Most of the girls are either standing or sitting in the back on the left hand side. I have also been to a couple of others just like this one only with a smaller selection but I don’t remember any of the names.

    Can you identify the place I’m referring to and offer advice on this one plus any others that are similar setups?

  4. Hi Luca, sorry for the late reply the small after hours clubs you refer to are about, but it is not easy to say which one you were taken to. The taxi drivers will often get a kick back for bringing people to these places. Without knowing what area of Bangkok you were in it would be very difficult to tell you which club you were taken to. If you can remember that I might be able to tell you. Next time you are in Bangkok check out Mixx. It is in the basement of Gaysorn Plaza; just tell the taxi as you did before. That seems to be A popular nightclub and I would rate it as good as Spicy, Bossy, Shock, Climax or even Club Insomnia. You get some HOT Thai girls in there and they are not all freelancers, or bar girls who have just finished work. Worth a look in on your next trip. Cheers!

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