Daves Babes – Good Morning Thailand

Photo Of The Day – Early Mornings Are Not So Bad!

I have never been an early morning guy, but sometimes early mornings are not so bad. But, of course it all depends who is in your kitchen that morning. Thailand is rather special in that way… Good morning Thailand!

Nang 08 - Daves Babes - Good Morning Thailand

Khun Nang Is A Thai Model And Not A Bargirl

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One Response to “Daves Babes – Good Morning Thailand”

  1. For the record Khun Nang would like to state that she is a Thai model and NOT a bargirl. As a Thai model, Nang sometimes gets too much hassle from guys, so please show respect to Thai models. This is one of the main reasons why Thai girls don’t want their photos on websites. The crazy minority often spoil it for the majority.

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