Bangkok City Centre Will Not Be Flooded

BREAKING NEWS – Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is confident that Bangkok’s city centre will escape the flooding. Flood protection barriers 2.5 metres high have been build around Bangkok to defend the city centre.

Upon taking off in a helicopter, Prime Minister Yingluck broke down in tears, as the stress of this natural disaster begins to take its toll. Our hearts go out to all the Thai people who are suffering through this tragedy.

The ancient Thai capital Ayutthaya and seven districts in the Nakhon Pathum province were among the very worst hit areas. Thailand is currently facing the worst flooding in 50 years.

Despite the assurances to the people of Bangkok by Prime Minister Yingluck, some Bangkok residents are not so confident. Crazy panic buying has left food shelves empty in certain supermarkets and shops.

Below are links to recent news from Reuters News and Bangkok Post.

REUTERS NEWS – Thai PM Confident Bangkok Will Escape Worst Of Floods

BREAKING NEWS – Prime Minister Yingluck; Floods Now Under Control 

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10 Responses to “Bangkok City Centre Will Not Be Flooded”

  1. Kiwilad 37 says:

    Greetings from New Zealand. We have had our share of disasters this year, all of which have brought out the best of people and their communities. I am certain you will find the same resolve amongst your people and communities. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. Late last night I had a stroll around Sukhumvit Road and there was no sign of rain let alone heavy flooding. Don’t believe the paranoia created by inaccurate news reports by the BBC and CNN. The foreign media want you to believe we are all wading chest high in flood water, and boats are floating up and down Sukhumvit Road. Absolute bollocks!

  3. Rob Roy the Jockanese Legend of BKK says:

    Well mate i will see you by the 20th

  4. More sense than you sir says:

    The flooding will arrive in central Bangkok next week if not before. To think otherwise and make out the media is in a frenzy over nothing is misplaced knowledge on your part. The flooding will cause massive disruption to distribution of food, water and to a lesser extent some forms of transportation.

  5. I have tried my best to report the situation as it is currently. We can only assess this day-by-day. As for Central Bangkok becoming a disaster zone, I doubt it, but we will soon know. Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra was recently quoted as saying, ‘There is now a 50% chance of inner Bangkok being flooded.’ There are many conflicting media reports and this most certainly does not help at all.

  6. Billy Bob of Bangkok says:

    I am staying now in the Bangkok city centre, near the central banking district. The Thai people must certainly believe that this area will flood, judging from their mad rush during today (Saturday) to sand bag every major bank and big building here. You would have to see it to believe it… They seem desperate, plugging potential driveway openings, etc., with anything that they can find, plywood, steel plate, etc… I hope that the Thai people are wrong, but they appear to be preparing for the worst.

  7. johnny mitchell says:

    mmmmmmmmm.i hope its all unbdercontrol…im arriving next week….as long as the gogo bars will be protected il be happy!!

  8. Sam says:

    Doesn’t sound good for the flooding situation in Bangkok. I wish you all well if you are there today, and for the next 4 – 6 weeks. Love the City and the people there.

    kor hai chok dee!

    San Francisco

  9. stu says:

    The floods will come, within this week and the floods will go, maybe a little longer than a week, but the mess and disruption left in it’s wake, will be unbelievable, and here with us for a while !

  10. Central Bangkok remained dry and safe, as I predicted it would. Broken record travel warnings, plus sensationalized news reports, just shows the irresponsibility of the media and certain foreign governments. Now let’s get back to having a good time!

    Dave The Rave reporting live from a bone dry downtown Bangkok.

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