After Dark Asia Volume 20 Is Out Now!

After Dark Asia 20 - After Dark Asia Volume 20 Is Out Now!

Finally, the guys from After Dark Asia were able to distribute Volume 20 of what is by far Thailand’s most popular magazine, which exclusively features super sexy Thai go-go dancers. The flood crisis in Thailand caused a delay, but the latest edition of After Dark is out now. If you have trouble finding a copy go to the go-go bars featured in the magazine. Furthermore, copies are available in Nana Plaza at these go-go bars – Angelwitch, Spankys, DC 10, Las Vegas, and last but not least Billboard.

Billboard Nana Plaza Bangkok - After Dark Asia Volume 20 Is Out Now!


COPYRIGHT – Photos above are courtesy and copyright of After Dark Asia

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3 Responses to “After Dark Asia Volume 20 Is Out Now!”

  1. marek says:

    the best part is clearly dean barretts story. that was spot on!

  2. I worry about some of you guys! The best part in After Dark Asia is obviously the super sexy Thai girls. Dean is a great guy but this is a go-go girly mag!!!

  3. marek says:

    correction: “the best part BESIDES the pictures”, of course. but since i am still in thailand, these pictures are not that important right now. 😉

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