Bangkok Flood News Summary – 30/10/2011

Bangkok’s Flood Defences Hold Against An Exceptional High Tide

  • The merciful sky god has spared us from more torrential rain, as Bangkok awakened to a beautiful clear skyline this morning. Fortunately, Suvarnabhumi International Airport and downtown Bangkok remains dry and safe.
  • The Thai prime minister said in her public address that Bangkok was over the worst of the flood crisis. The Thai government expects the situation to improve over the next few days. Bangkokians have been asked to remain calm and be patient for a few more days.
  • This weekend was marked as crucial during the battle to overcome Thailand’s worst floods in 50 years. Sadly, the death toll has risen to 381 across Thailand since the devastating floods started in July.
  • Drinking water and some foods such as instant noodles is still hard to find in convenience shops across Bangkok. Numerous 7 Eleven and Family Mart shops still have empty shelves. Notices in Thai and English explain the lack of stock.
  • Meanwhile, in downtown Bangkok, the bars, pubs and nightclubs, will endeavour to revive the party spirit for Halloween. However, with travel warnings issued in some countries, tourist arrivals are expected to be considerably down. Furthermore, there was a mass exodus of people on Friday heading out of Bangkok for an extended long weekend.
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3 Responses to “Bangkok Flood News Summary – 30/10/2011”

  1. art says:

    Thans for the REAL news Dave. Glad it stayed dry “downtown.”

  2. shaun says:

    Yes, thanks for the info. I’m getting into BKK on the 12th, and not sure what the situation will be! Having seen the pictures of Ayuthayya, didn’t know what this weekend would bring.

  3. Bangkok Flood Update – Drinking water, certain foods, some baby products and local beers (Singha and Chang) are not so easy to find. It is advisable to stock up a bit, but don’t go crazy and start panic buying. It is the cheap brands that are flying off the shelves from 7 Eleven, Family Mart and some supermarket chains such as Big C and Tesco Lotus. In particular, cheap brands of drinking water and instant noodles are leaving shelves bare.

    Meanwhile, the Thais in flooded areas of outer Bangkok are becoming increasingly frustrated. It is partly understandable, but the Thai government are trying to emphasize how essential it is that Suvarnabhumi International Airport and the central business districts in Bangkok remain operational.

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