Bangkok Nightlife – Angelwitch Snake Show

Angelwitch Snake Show (Nana Plaza, Bangkok)

Snakes Alive! Both Angelwitch Go-Go Bars in Pattaya (Soi 15 Walking Street) and Bangkok (Nana Plaza) perform this unusual, but very aesthetic show. It represents the creativity and diversity that makes Angelwitch so inimitable.

Copycats! Some rival go-go bars have tried to mimic the shows at Angelwitch, but nobody has ever suceeded. This proves that Angelwitch is a unique creation of the highest standard. Angelwitch in Nana Plaza was voted Best Go-Go Bar In Bangkok for 3 consecutive years. In addition, Angelwitch on Walking Street Soi 15 was voted Best Club In Pattaya by the US Navy.

Gotta Crush On You! At Angelwitch (Nana Plaza), the Snake Show is performed on Tuesdays and Fridays usually between 11:00 PM and midnight. Showgirl Gan poses just before performing the Snake Show at Angelwitch…

Angelwitch Bangkok Snake Show - Bangkok Nightlife - Angelwitch Snake Show

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5 Responses to “Bangkok Nightlife – Angelwitch Snake Show”

  1. Good update Dave! I’ll have to take a personal look myself this Friday. I just won’t be sitting too close to the stage! On the way to Bangkok now!

  2. Got to wonder about one thing though. If you bar fine showgirl Gan does the snake come too?

  3. Hi BangkokPartier, thanks for your comments. I hope you make it to Angelwitch this Friday. The shows start at 10:00 PM and last 3-4 hours. Angelwitch mix the shows up with go-go dancing for the best of both worlds. Cheers!

  4. Will make it to Angel Witch tonight and let you know about the shows. FYI.. Despite the decline in Western tourists there seem to be plenty of Japanese that are here right now. Baccara girls are asking 2500 baht s/t and a whopping 5000 baht for l/t!!!!! Lowest I could get any of the Baccara girls to go l/t was 4500 baht.

  5. Dave, the snake show at Angel Witch at nana plaza last night was off the hook. 6 girls dancing and 2 playing with the snake. i was sitting at the stage for the show before and got to admit i jumped back 3 feet in my bar stool when i saw the size of that python. the waitresses all got a good laugh about that. if you’re going to bangkok boys then the 3 must see places are 1: grand palace 2: temple of dawn 3: angel witch snake show at 11:00 pm. no exaggeration here guys. burned through $400 us dollars last night at nana plaza. not that prices were out of line, far from it. that’s just how much entertainment i had for a friday night!

    FYI. singha and leo beer in bottles an ashai beer in cans is in stock today at villa market near soi 33. bangkokpartier.

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