Bangkok Flooding Updates By Stickman

Stickman Special – Bangkok Flooding Updates With Photos

Popular Bangkok columnist Stickman has regular Bangkok Flooding Updates. This report gives up-to-date information with photos from the ground. It will answer your questions and you can see for yourself through Stickman’s eyes!

Don’t believe the hype from the media machines. Seeing is believing!

Bangkok Flooding Soi Cowboy - Bangkok Flooding Updates By Stickman

Stickman Special – A very quiet but high and dry Soi Cowboy in downtown Bangkok. Photo copyright and courtesy of

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2 Responses to “Bangkok Flooding Updates By Stickman”

  1. Bottled water sold out in 7/11’s and Food Marts today on Sukhumvit. Made the trek to Villa market near Soi 31. Picked up a 12 pack case of water for 79 baht and lugged it back t the hotel. Hot and dry on Sukhumvit. Plenty of sand bags but no water hear.

  2. 11/20/2011: Singha and Leo beer in bottles back in stock in Villa market (closer to Soi 33 Sukumvit, not Soi 31 a I said previously), also Asahi Japanese dry beer in cans and cases in stock.

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