Dusk Till Dawn – Fun In The Sun!

Climate Change – The weather here in Bangkok has changed for the better. Finally, the cool season has arrived. Recently, I was chatting with friends, we were situated high up on the balcony outside my friend’s condominium. As the cool breeze washed over our bodies, it was indeed a refreshing experience. All year long temperamental Bangkok was either hot, humid, or wet. But right now, the rain has stopped, the oppressive heat and humidity has lessened, and the flood waters are subsiding rapidly. Meanwhile, Bangkok city centre remains as dry as a bone. In fact, every morning we are waking up to beautiful sunshine, with a picturesque skyline. The cool season in Thailand reminds me of a European summer; sunny in the day and cool at night. No need to be cautious anymore, you can confidently fly to Thailand for some fun in the sun!

Girls Girls Girls! With various foreign travel warnings and misleading media reports regarding the flooding, Thailand is considerably down on tourist arrivals. The high season is supposed to start some time in November, but we fear that a lot of people have already cancelled their trips. Numerous shops, bars and restaurants, are left to battle on with a scarce number of customers. Yet again, a promising start to the high season has been ruined, although this time it was mainly down to that nasty bitch Mother Nature! This is the downside, but this means that there are a lot of lonely ladies. Following the flood crisis bar girls need to make money again and therefore, we will see bar girls returning to work, especially in the Bangkok go-go bars. And so, this is where you come to the rescue. For once the guys can be fussy in the high season, because the boy-to-girl ratio is currently very much in your favour. Happy hunting!

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One Response to “Dusk Till Dawn – Fun In The Sun!”

  1. kheenaio says:

    Agree m8e, Been in pleasure playground and had the best time for a long time, girls are getting more realistic with there demands and those that aren’t will have to adjust sooner or l8r. Been around 20 degree’s at night and 28 daytime (not that I go out that much during the day) LOL. Back 2 the cold harsh misery of LONS (land of no smiles) in a couple of days.:0{ Merry Xmas and a happy new year Dave.

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