Bangkok Police Enforce Early Closing Times

Party Poopers! Currently the MIB or Men In Brown are enforcing early closing times in Bangkok. The worst hit district is Lumpini, which is located around the lower Sukhumvit area. Depending upon the exact location of the bars and discos, closing times vary between 2:00am and 3:00am. It’s a power play!

Bedtime Story! While beer bars and go-go bars remain relatively unaffected, nightclubs and other late night venues are losing a lot of money. Nowadays, many clubbers come out later than previously, and this is one reason why certain nightclubs open until 6:00am. Therefore, the enforced early closing is very disappointing for late night clubbers, some of whom do not arrive at the nightclubs and discos until 2:00am, or later.

Police Politics! There are various police politics involved here, which includes the annual reshuffle of District Police Commanders. Bangkok nightlife will eventually revert back to later closing times (as it always does), but this year it is prolonged due to more complex political reasons. As politics is not my forte, I will leave it at that. However, if you really want to know more, simply ask the boss of a bar, disco, or nightclub. Also, some mamasans and bar girls are quite savvy about what is going on.

Daves Raves! I think it is advisable NOT to pay an entrance fee to a nightclub after 1:00am, until the late closing hours return. Furthermore, be careful what you are told by nightclub door staff, because they are paid to get people inside. However, in saying that you could visit Nana Liquid Disco inside Nana Hotel, because it is FREE entrance and drink prices are reasonable. There are two live bands that perform nightly. With FREE entrance and live music at Nana Liquid, you do not have anything to lose. Check it out!


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5 Responses to “Bangkok Police Enforce Early Closing Times”

  1. Hi Dave, Speaking of Nana Liquid, do you have any first hand reports of the club inside after the gogo’s at Nana Plaza close for the evening? Mostly freelancers or are there a fair number of dancers heading over after their bars close???

  2. Hi Bangkok Partier, unfortunately the enforced early closing has killed the club scene. Early closing is continuing into February now and this is not good news. Nana Disco has always been a freelancer hangout, along with bar girls want to party after the beer bars and go-go bars close. Try visiting between 1:00am and 3:00am. Happy hunting!

  3. BF161 says:

    Hi Dave
    is this early closing affecting places such as spicey or bossy ? or mostly the soi11 type area

  4. The main area affected is the Lumpini District, which encompasses the lower Sukhumvit area. Unfortunately, the early closing continues.

  5. BF161 says:

    thanks for the update Dave, what a drag. Was looking forward to camping out on soi11 area for a few days soonish, certainly puts a dampener on it!. To those places we all love to hate in the outer regions – enjoy your hopefully temporary resurgence in popularity, grr.

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