Happy Hour At Las Vegas In Nana Plaza

LasVegasShowBarNanaPlaza - Happy Hour At Las Vegas In Nana Plaza

Viva Las Vegas! A relatively new addition to Nana Plaza is Las Vegas Go-Go Bar. This venue is located on the top level in Nana and was previously Hollywood Strip, or more commonly known as Hollywood 2. Following a long closure, the Nana Group (Angelwitch Bangkok, Angelwitch Pattaya, DC 10, Billboard, Las Vegas, Nana Liquid), remodelled the vacant venue into a Las Vegas style show bar. With plenty of Vegas glitz ‘n’ glam it boasts a spectacular design. Furthermore, it contains a number of RED HOT go-go girls and also, some super sexy showgirls.

The professional choreography is from the same team that trains the showgirls in the Pattaya branch of Angelwitch (Soi 15 Walking Street). In Las Vegas Go-Go Bar, showtime commences on the hour at 9:00pm, 10:00pm, 11:00pm, 12:00pm and 1:00am. The showgirls in Las Vegas perform professionally choreographed dance routines, with birthday suits featuring in certain shows.

Happy Hour! Las Vegas recently introduced a Happy Hour. All drinks are ONLY 100 baht from opening until 9:30pm. This is a hefty 30-40 percent off regular drink prices, which is not to be missed in Nana Plaza.

Las Vegas Show Bar Nana Plaza - Happy Hour At Las Vegas In Nana Plaza

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One Response to “Happy Hour At Las Vegas In Nana Plaza”

  1. art says:

    I think you need some “giveaway” promotions to get some traffic flowing into Vegas. It’s a great looking place and has some good shows. It’s hard to sit around at regular prices if your the only one there. A business concept that seems to fall on deaf ears in Thailand is that some of the marketing budget needs to go towards what gets bums on the seat – cheap booze doesn’t always work but in Vegas it will because the rest is there already. Cheap drinks will however keep the bums on the seat and that builds the momentum when somebody looks in the door and sees the crowd – then as business gets better inch up the prices. My humble observation.

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