Bars & Nightclubs Closed For Royal Funeral

Dry Days! Bars and nightclubs across Thailand are requested to close out of respect for a Royal Funeral. The dates are April 8th, 9th and 10th, whereby it is advisable to make alternative arrangements for those 3 nights. With this being a Royal Funeral, you can expect the closure of nightlife venues to be enforced.

Wet Days! Following the dry days, there will be a number of wet days! Traditional Thai New Year or ‘Songkran’ will commence again from April 12th and in Pattaya, the Songkran Festival lasts a whole week. Bearing this in mind, if you go to Pattaya, there will be no escaping the madness and mayhem of the water throwing. Alternatively, you might want to join the big boys and girls by arming yourself with a water gun and enjoy the water wars!

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3 Responses to “Bars & Nightclubs Closed For Royal Funeral”

  1. toby says:

    Dave, mucho gracias for the info buddy you just saved my arse….again!

  2. We are still waiting for official confirmation about the bar closures. We should know within the next day or two, whether the bars are closed on the 8th, 9th and 10th, or just the 9th. Unfortunately, what usually happens is bar operators find out last minute.

  3. You are welcome Toby, we have been told the bars are to close on April 9th. This is the actual day of the Royal Funeral. Then, the madness and mayhem of Songkran will once again be upon us from April 12th onwards.

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