After Dark Asia Volume 22 Coming Soon

Photo of The Day! Here are some of the RED HOT Thai go-go girls from Champagne A-Go-Go Bar in Pattaya. The photo is courtesy and copyright of Thailand’s most popular go-go girly magazine After Dark Asia.

The latest edition of After Dark Asia Volume 22 will be out soon…

After Dark Asia Volume 22 - After Dark Asia Volume 22 Coming Soon

Chix Pix! For more super sexy Thai go-go girls from Bangkok and Pattaya, check out the After Dark Asia Website…

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2 Responses to “After Dark Asia Volume 22 Coming Soon”

  1. Durian Doug says:

    Hey Dave,

    Their website is rarely updated and the subscription price is $55+ / year for 6 issues.
    As you know, they struggle to produce 3-4 issues per year.

    As one of their few promoters, you need to give them a “truth in advertising” kick in the ass.

    Regards… Durian Doug

  2. Hi Doug, I will pass on your comments to the guys at After Dark Asia, but I have nothing to do with the marketing, or running of their magazine. I am just like any other guy, I enjoy looking at photos of super sexy Thai go-go girls. Cheers!

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