1999 Party At The Strip Go-Go Bar

The Strip Go Go Bar Patpong Bangkok - 1999 Party At The Strip Go-Go Bar

Newsflash! If you missed my last blog post (shame on you!), here is a reminder that Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy are CLOSED tonight (03/08/12), due to it being a BIG Buddha Day. But, the good news is that the irrepressible Patpong remains OPEN. Hooray!

The Strip in Patpong 2 are hosting LET’S PARTY LIKE IT’S 1999 on Friday, August 3rd and Saturday, August 4th. I am not sure what the connection to 1999 is but more importantly – ALL BEERS ARE ONLY 90 BAHT ALL NIGHT!

Where Is It? The Strip Go-Go Bar is located between Electric Blue Go-Go Bar and BarBar Fetish Club in Patpong 2, which is the lane adjacent to Patpong Night Market, where Foodland is situated. Now you know!

The Strip Go Go Bar Patpong 2 - 1999 Party At The Strip Go-Go Bar

Daves Raves! What were you doing in 1999? I moved to live in Bangkok in 1998, which incidentally is the same year my counterpart Stickman moved to the Big Mango. At the beginning of 1999 I started to manage go-go bars in Nana Plaza and after all these years, I am still here. It is an incredible journey.

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