Soi Nana During The Rainy Season 2012

club electric blue12 - Soi Nana During The Rainy Season 2012

Wet Wet Wet! For 8 months of this year Bangkok has been very fortunate regarding the weather. But, the rain is really hammering it down this month. Last Friday night parts of lower Sukhumvit Road, including Soi Nana, were ankle deep with rain water. Nowadays, people do not need much reason to stay indoors and this applies to both Thais and foreigners too.

As if like clockwork, the angry sky gods create loud thunder and the sad, dark clouds weep intensely. Again on Sunday night it was raining and there were less bar girls and farangs venturing into the neon jungle of Nana Plaza.

Some bar girls live a considerable distance from where they work. If their soi gets flooded, they are far less likely to wade through rain water and seek transportation. It is more probable that they will use it as another excuse (albeit genuine this time) not to go to Soi Cowboy, or even  Soi Nana for that matter.

During the monsoon season, the timing of the torrential rain is essential and can seriously deplete the numbers of both bar girls and customers alike. This is why I say, roll on the cool season!

If you are planning to visit Thailand any time soon, you will need your wet weather gear. A sturdy umbrella is currently an (almost) essential accessory.

NANA PLAZA NANA LIQUID SEP 12 2012 025 - Soi Nana During The Rainy Season 2012

Photo Taken by Dave the Rave With A Canon DSLR 650D

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  1. It is currently hammering down with rain here in Bangkok. Mind you, at least I am still living the dream here in Thailand. In Britain there are about 2 months of good weather and 10 months of bad weather. In Thailand there are 2 months of bad weather and 10 months of good weather. Say no more!

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