Super Sexy Go-Go Dancer From Nana Plaza

Photo Of The Day! Here is a super sexy RED HOT go-go dancer from Nana Plaza. Now the burning question is where does this sexy babe dance? Well, this is number 77 from Angelwitch Go-Go Bar, which is located on the middle level next to Spankys.

In terms of the number of super sexy go-go girls, Nana Plaza comfortably has the best overall lineup in Bangkok. If you were to count how many go-go girls there are in Nana Plaza, the total number is staggering. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very attractive go-go girls in Soi Cowboy, and some in Patpong, but nowhere near as many as Nana Plaza.

Have a look at this babe from Angelwitch and you will see what I mean…

Angelwitch Las Vegas June 13 2012 003 - Super Sexy Go-Go Dancer From Nana Plaza


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One Response to “Super Sexy Go-Go Dancer From Nana Plaza”

  1. phil says:

    I am going to Bangkok and Pattaya in November. it used to be, that all of the dance girls in a bar were theoretically available. Now, apparently, there are “coyote Girls” who do not go with customers, and these “go go girls”. Are they the same as coyote girls?
    How can you tell a girl you can barfine from one who won’t?
    i dont want to harass anyone, but i do want some private company!

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