After Dark Asia Magazine Volume 22

The latest After Dark Asia Catalogue Magazine is due out soon. We are now up to Volume 22 for those who are counting.

So, why do I put After Dark Asia on my blog? Because of the high standard of the Thai go-go girls and the superior quality of the photos.

Also, it acts as a guide to the go-go bar scene. These are real Thai go-go girls, who dance in go-go bars in Thailand, they are not hired models…

After Dark Asia Magazine - After Dark Asia Magazine Volume 22


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2 Responses to “After Dark Asia Magazine Volume 22”

  1. Durian Doug says:

    Hey Dave,
    You need better glasses – it is issue #21 not #27.
    Cheers… Durion Doug

  2. Durian Doug says:

    Hey DTR,
    Their website shows
    However it is really Volume #22, not #21 or #27.
    Cheers… Durian Doug

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