Chequers Pub For British And Thai Food

Date Mate! OK, so you want to eat farang food, but your Thai teerak wants to eat Thai food. Where do you go? Don’t worry, because I will be your ‘date mate’ and advise you! A very good place to enjoy both excellent British pub grub and traditional Thai cuisine is Chequers Pub. If you are not aware, Chequers Pub is conveniently located on Soi Nana between Dynasty Inn and Hillary 2 Bar.

Meal Deal! I decided to order one of the specials from the board. I went for English ‘fatboy’ sausages in a Yorkshire pudding, with onions, gravy, mashed potatoes and veggies. This was very authentic and great bang for baht at 265 baht. My Thai friend ordered hot and sour prawn soup (tom yam gung) with chicken fried rice (kao pat gai). Any expat can tell you how authentic and great the farang food is of course, but what about the Thai food? Several good Thai friends of mine have all said the Thai food is very good, so there you go.

Food Photos! Below is a mini gallery of today’s great meal deal at Chequers Pub. We will return again, as Chequers Pub really takes some beating and gets two thumbs up from Dave The Rave and also Thai girls too.

Click on the images below to enlarge them into a mini gallery…

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One Response to “Chequers Pub For British And Thai Food”

  1. Chequers Pub solves the problem of where to take your Thai teerak. You can enjoy traditional British pub grub, while your Thai teerak enjoys authentic Thai food. Also, Chequers Pub is conveniently located right in the heart of the action on Soi Nana.

    The meals are sensibly priced with a distinct lack of the ‘plus, plus, plus’ additions that are so common in Bangkok. For overall ‘bang-for-baht’ and convenience, Chequers Pub takes some beating. The English owner Nick says, ‘Come in and Chequers out!’

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