Hot Thai Girl From Nana Liquid Disco

Babe Watch! You never know who you will meet in Nana Liquid Disco. I bumped into this RED HOT Thai girl during a photo session in Nana Liquid. Pretty face, lovely smile, engaging eyes, playful personality… Indeed a pleasure to meet.

Where Is She? If you have been living inside a cave in a remote land, Nana Liquid is located opposite Nana Plaza inside Nana Hotel on Soi Nana. Enjoy!

NANA LIQUID SOI NANA 07 11 12 168 - Hot Thai Girl From Nana Liquid Disco

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2 Responses to “Hot Thai Girl From Nana Liquid Disco”

  1. This photo was taken with my new Canon 650D DSLR Camera. The image is clear and the colours are vibrant. I think Canon make the best DSLR cameras.

  2. kookoo says:

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