Christmas Eve Party At Nana Liquid Disco

Merry Christmas! There is a Christmas Eve Party at Nana Liquid Disco that will take you into the wee hours. Santa’s sexy helpers will be dressed to impress and note that BLOW JOBS ARE ONLY 99 BAHT all night long!

After you have got enough Christmas kisses from go-go girls in Nana Plaza, you can walk across the road into Nana Liquid Disco and be a party animal until late into Christmas morning. Happy Holidays!

ChristmasEveFlyerA6 - Christmas Eve Party At Nana Liquid Disco

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One Response to “Christmas Eve Party At Nana Liquid Disco”

  1. craig says:

    Hey Dave! Did someone hack you Nana Liquid Christmas Eve Party post? LOL. 99 baht”blow jobs”?

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