Angelwitch Pattaya Geisha Girls

The Show Must Go On! The original Angelwitch Go-Go Bar was launched in Nana Plaza, Bangkok over 13 years ago and then, the sister branch Angelwitch Pattaya followed several years later. About 12 years ago the co-owners Matt and Pim, realised they could not compete with go-go bars such as the Rainbow Bars, which were brimming with stunning, young go-go girls. And so, Angelwitch Go-Go Bar combined classic rock music with cleverly choreographed stage shows. The very first stage shows were an immediate hit and the rest is history.

It is a known fact in the go-go bar business that those who create their own brand, or niche are always much more likely to be successful. Angelwitch Rock Dancers is definitely a refreshing change from the trashy techno and go-go girls doing the skytrain shuffle in zombie mode!

I took the photo below whilst visiting Angelwitch Go-Go Bar in Pattaya. By the way, if you are not aware Angelwitch Pattaya is located on the small lane Soi 15 just off Walking Street.

Many people class Angelwitch as the ultimate show ‘n’ go-go bar, which features a repertoire of professionally choreographed stage shows. The style of the stage shows may not appeal to everybody, but nobody can deny the success of Angelwitch. You only have to look at the masses they attract every night. Even during these tough economic times, Angelwitch Bangkok and Angelwitch Pattaya still manage to mesmerize large audiences. Unlike many other rival go-go bars, the Angelwitch Show Bars have stood the test of time.

The lovely and very talented Angelwitch Showgirls about to perform the spectacular Geisha Show. It is performed to ‘Frozen’ by Madonna…

Angelwitch Geisha Showgirls Thailand - Angelwitch Pattaya Geisha Girls

Angelwitch Geisha Girls – Photo By


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7 Responses to “Angelwitch Pattaya Geisha Girls”

  1. Barry says:

    The problem I have with Angelwitch Pattaya is the staff’s habit of going around and frequently checking your bottle. Hardly welcoming. Drink up, order another or get out.

  2. It’s a business to sell beer. They don’t charge a cover charge to see the shows so I don’t have a problem with waitresses checking to see if you need a fresh beer. That’s their job.
    Do you work for free? I doubt it. I work for my money and so do server girls. If you don’t need a beer that’s fine but don’t fault the girls for checking. No different from a decent restaurant where the waitress pop’s over to see if you need a refill.

    As for the shows Angelwitch has the perfect niche. Shows shows are more R rated than hardcore which means they’re able to draw a wider audience of married couples and even women on holiday. It’s smart on their part. Erotic shows, but not too hardcore but spicy enough that you wouldn’t see it in your average bar back home!!

  3. Hi Barry & Bangkok Partier, thanks for commenting. I think Bangkok Barry has a point, but only to some degree. If the service girls are NOT checking drinks, then they are not doing their job. It is more a point of how they check. It should always be subtle, never pushy and certainly not in an aggressive way. Unfortunately, Pattaya attracts a lot of Cheap Charlie’s and some customers would sit there all night with one drink. In fact, in strip joints in the Western world if you do not order drinks, you are given the bum’s rush!

    I have to agree with you Bangkok Partier that some farangs are so jaded. They forget that there is NO COVER CHARGE and these shows would cost a fortune to see in Farangland. Another point that is often overlooked is the fact we are served at our seats. Back in Farangland bars, you have to fight your way through the crowds to serve yourself, with no cute servers to assist you. The service girls have a tough job, but as the old adage goes, “No good deed goes unpunished!”

    I agree about the Angelwitch stage shows, they have indeed created a niche market.

  4. Agree 100% Dave.

    Back home in the States it would cost a small fortune to enter a club that had erotic shows and you’re right if you didn’t keep ordering drinks they’d show you the door. All and all it’s a great deal to be able to walk into any of the Nana Plaza showbars and see a show for the cost of a beer. Tip the server girl while you’re at it and buy a drink or tip a dancer to show your appreciation. It’s dirt cheap compared to back home which is why all us guys go to Thailand! Right? The only time I’ve ever really felt like I was being shaken down to buy drinks for the mamasan, server, girl, dancers etc. was in the Soi Cowboy coyote bars.

    Japanese and Korean guys in their countries can drop the equivalent of 30,000 Baht in a night and not even go home with the girl! In the USA, in private clubs the girls aren’t going out with customers period. All look, as in what would be a 900 Baht lap dance for 3 minutes with no touching period.

    For guys that don’t want to buy a drink for the girls and watch a show you can head to a beer bar and shoot some pool for hours. That’s about as cheap a night out as you can get if that’s what you want.

    I for one love the showbars and god knows I spend enough on ladydrinks, bar fines, fun and tips for the dancers and server girls. About 150,000 – 200,000 Baht per 10 day trip on average. I even give my favorite girls inexpensive silver plated zircon rings. They remember me the next time they see me I assure you! lol… It’s all part of the entertainment and I do enjoy my entertainment!

    And if you really don’t want a server girl coming over and checking your beer then break out the Baht for a bottle of tequila, rum or whisky and invite a couple of girls over. No ones going to bother you then! Except to see if you need more ice!

    The stage shows are quite brilliant in filling a niche. I have 20 years of experience in sales and marketing and it’s about as close a perfect combination as you can get in order to appeal to the widest audience while keeping the cash register ringing.

    See you in a little more than 5 weeks Dave! Look forward to catching up on the happenings in Nana Plaza since my last visit and to add a few more noble and adventurous bar fining quests! I have a long list of bar fining quests yet to fill:

    1: Twin sisters
    2: Penthouse Model
    3: Numerous Showgirls etc, etc.. and the list goes on…..


    Bangkok Partier (Alex)

  5. Hi Alex, thanks for your insight and detailed comments. I totally agree with your train of thought and I know you can state the facts due to your Bangkok After Hours Blog. Your voice of reason is most welcome!

    It is quite clear to me that some guys are in need of Go-Go Guru Guidance! And so, I plan to write a FAQ Page, namely a section of Frequently Asked Questions. As I often get asked the same things repeatedly, I can save time by referring them to the Frequently Asked Questions Page. Then all I need to say is, “FAQ You!”

    Take Care & See You Soon,

    Dave The Rave.

  6. CONTACT EMAIL – If you prefer to contact me directly rather than comment publicly, please email me –

  7. Good idea Dave! I should have thought of that! lol…..We talked about that during my last visit to Bangkok “it’s not rocket science” but some seem to need more guidance than others!

    I know that not everybody that goes to Bangkok or Pattaya spends what I do for fun but I have quite a number of Facebook followers that spend double what I do on their entertainment! Some of those oil field guys get 3 month stints off at a time and have lots of cash to party with!

    I always shake my head when I read guys complaining that a bar would like them to to buy more than 1 beer in a hour in a show bar or that a hottie wants 2,000 Baht to go S/T but that they refuse to go higher than 1,500 Baht so the guys walk… I mean come on now…. Just like everything else do guys really think the price they paid for fun with a hottie 5 years ago should be the same today? Or that beer should be the same price as it was 10 years ago? I’ve seen some of the pic’s the guys post on some blogs and Facebook pages of these 1,000 – 1,500 Baht S/T girls and most of the girls I wouldn’t even look at twice much less bar fine! Why settle for tuna fish when the lobster is just 500 Baht more??? I’ll take the lobster thank you very much.. lol….


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