Billboard Go-Go Bar Hosts 2nd Anniversary Party

Calling All Party Animals! Billboard Go-Go ‘N’ Show Bar located on the top level in Nana Plaza is hosting its 2nd Anniversary Party on Tuesday, March 5th.

As a special show of appreciation to you, Billboard is offering a 2-4-1 drinks deal on ALL LOCAL BEERS.  So it’s “BUY ONE GET ONE FREE” and this super saver runs “LONG TIME” from 7:30 PM till closing time.

Also, there will be special sexotic shows during the evening on the carousel, plus the bubble bath babes will be shaking their sexy bits in the Jacuzzi.

Daves Raves – This will be a great party night, so do not miss it!

Billboard Anniversary Party - Billboard Go-Go Bar Hosts 2nd Anniversary Party

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5 Responses to “Billboard Go-Go Bar Hosts 2nd Anniversary Party”

  1. Wish I could be there to celebrate! My favorite gogo in Nana Plaza. I’ve bar fined more dancers out of Billboard the past 2 years than any other bar! Congrat’s on the 2nd Anniversary!

  2. Thanks a lot for your kind words Alex. Billboard exploded onto the go-go bar scene the moment the new owners decided to install a Jacuzzi full of bubble bath babes! Now that was a masterstroke!

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  4. Farang Jai Dee says:

    I’ll have to second that. Bill Board is my fav. Always my starting point and seemingly ending point if I am in a Nana mood. Once in a while you get a girl who sits next to you looking for drinks pushed to her. But a polite ‘no’ works for me. i’m into the server girls. 🙂 The spa talent is great eye candy but way to young for my tastes.

  5. Troy says:

    Thanks Dave.

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