Sunday School At Nana Liquid Disco

Don’t Be Late For Sunday School! I am posting a reminder for Sunday School at Nana Liquid Disco that is now a weekly party night. I was just given a new poster, which is better than the other one.

Nana Liquid Disco is located opposite Nana Plaza inside the Nana Hotel. It is open nightly until 5:00 AM and there is NO COVER CHARGE before midnight.

Also, I have more good news, because FREE ENTRY FLYERS are available in Nana Plaza at Angelwitch, Billboard, Las Vegas, Lollipop, Hollywood Rock, DC 10, G Spot, Fantasia and Lone Star.

Nana Liquid Sunday School - Sunday School At Nana Liquid Disco

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2 Responses to “Sunday School At Nana Liquid Disco”

  1. peter says:

    Miss you. Miss Bangkok

  2. Pieter says:

    HELP, Please can anybody tell me is LIQUID LOUNGE still operating at NANA HOTEL. I believe its better than the old ANGELS. Is this true. Please let me know at

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