Lollipop Go-Go Bar Goes Big & Bright

That’s A Big Lollipop! Not to be outdone by Soi Cowboy, some go-go bars in Nana Plaza are erecting big ones. But, don’t get carried away, I am talking about neon signs! It is great to see some Nana Plaza go-go bars going big and bright and Lollipop certainly has a spectacular neon sign.

OK, it is just a sign, but located towards the entrance it is definitely an eye-catcher, and it much improves how dreary Nana Plaza used to look.

To match the sign Lollipop has a bunch of attractive go-go dancers.

New Lollipop Neon Sign - Lollipop Go-Go Bar Goes Big & Bright

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One Response to “Lollipop Go-Go Bar Goes Big & Bright”

  1. Bangkok Partier says:

    Dave, the new sign does look great. Overall a big improvement at Nana Plaza. Been so busy partying I’m falling behind schedule due to some porn star model tyle experiences. Wasn’t able to make it to CEB in Patpong yet but will. The email I check in Bangkok is:


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