After Dark Asia Magazine Volume 22

After Dark Asia Is Here! The long awaited latest edition of After Dark Asia Magazine is due out very soon. You can pick up copies of After Dark Volume 22 from book shops across Pattaya.

Also, go-go bars featured in After Dark Asia will also have copies.

After Dark Asia Magazine1 - After Dark Asia Magazine Volume 22

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2 Responses to “After Dark Asia Magazine Volume 22”

  1. Tony says:

    Hi Dave,
    I thought Las Vegas had been closed?
    Not a surprise, I seemed to be the only customer most of the time I was there… 🙂
    Any plans to re-model/re-open?

    Hope the employees managed to get new positions somewhere, I guess the girls wouldn’t have had much of an issue (did they shuffle next door?).


  2. Hi Tony, Las Vegas is temporarily closed until further notice. Some maintenance work is currently being done.

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