Sexy Thai Coyote Dancers At Nana Disco

Babe Watch! Here is a photo I took this week at Nana Disco of the sexy Thai coyote girls. The coyotes dance nightly on the podiums, performing in sets throughout the night. They are friendly and approachable, so much so, my friend got a hot lap dance off one of the coyote girls just the other night.

Ladies Night! Every Wednesday at Nana Disco it is Ladies Night and on October 16th, the very sexy DJ Fah Sai will be spinning the tunes.

Nana Disco Coyote Dancers - Sexy Thai Coyote Dancers At Nana Disco

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One Response to “Sexy Thai Coyote Dancers At Nana Disco”

  1. Ladies Night is every Wednesday night at Nana Disco (located inside Nana Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi Nana, Bangkok). The ladies get Free Entry plus loads of crazy drink specials. Ladies Night is a good time to visit Nana Disco, as there will be more girls than usual.

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