Angelwitch 2 Grand Opening Party

Trick Or Treat? This Thursday, October 31st is Halloween and it is also the Grand Opening Party for Angelwitch 2 on the Ground Floor in Nana Plaza. This promises to be a night of scary fun, with special stage shows planned and select drinks at ONLY 100 Baht.

The Angelwitch Rock Dancers poster below has all the gory details…

Angelwitch 2 Grand Opening Party - Angelwitch 2 Grand Opening Party

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One Response to “Angelwitch 2 Grand Opening Party”

  1. Tonight at the Grand Opening Party of Angelwitch 2 Rock Dancers, there will be bottles Heineken, Tiger and Tiger Light for just 100 Baht, plus 100 Baht Vodka Ghost Cocktails. In addition, there is a roasted pig with fried rice and special stage shows from 10:00 PM. The Halloween theme and decorations will run through the whole week. And, there is of course a Halloween Party at Angelwitch 1 Rock Dancers and also at Angelwitch Pattaya.

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