How To Enjoy A Night Out In Patpong

When did you last visit Patpong? Many guys will say it was a long time ago and there are a few reasons why people do not go to Patpong. This year has seen political protests and mass rallies in the Silom area, followed by a coup, which has now put the Thai Army Junta in control of Thailand.

But, this aside Patpong has a notorious reputation of having numerous “clip joints” or rip-off bars. You are lured into upstairs bars with promises of seeing sex shows unlike any other, which includes the infamous ping-pong shows. Recently, the Thai authorities have been clamping down on these rip off bars and it is long overdue in my opinion.

Patpong 1 is located amid the Night Market that has become something of a tourist attraction. Most of the stalls sell overpriced goods to unsuspecting tourists, who no doubt think they are getting a bargain.

On the opposite side of the Patpong Night Market is a small lane known as Patpong 2 that some people do not know exists. Patpong 2 has a relatively new Foodland Supermarket right in the middle of it. Patpong 2 also contains some of the most farang friendly gogo bars in the Silom area, which have proved to be popular with expats and tourists alike. Unlike Patpong 1, there are no rip-off bars on this little lane.

The recommended gogo bars are Pink Panther, Black Pagoda, Club Electric Blue, Bada Bing and The Strip. Another highly recommended specialist venue for fetish fans is BarBar.

Patpong is worth visiting, but you have to know where to go. Now you know!

THE STRIP SUPERGIRL PARTY1 - How To Enjoy A Night Out In Patpong

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3 Responses to “How To Enjoy A Night Out In Patpong”

  1. John Graska says:

    Patpong was my Entertainment area of choice in the 80’s and 90’s when i
    was wealthy and virile. Early starts were in order.. 25 baht Draft Amarits at
    the Superstar Beergarden.. a great vantage point to watch the passing parade
    between PP1 and PP2. It’s been gone for ages. These days it’s way way too
    noisey in that part of PP late afternoon as the army of workers drag out all the framework and materials used to erect the PP market stalls. A PIZZA is still good
    at the Madrid. Not many of the old bars left. Safari bar is still there with good
    music and very comfy. No Miss Thailands in there but nice ambience. Some
    of the larger bars seem too impersonal.. too much silicone on the girls.. and the
    mandatory silicone on the ladyboys.. makes it bloody hard to pick the difference.
    I still like sitting at the small outside bar in PP2 (formerly known as Cleo Bar Beer)
    and watching the passing parade. Jees.. the old Mamasan that used to be there
    was 75 in the shade.
    I like sitting in PP2 at the tiny outdoor bar that used to be called the Cleo Bar Beer.
    I used to buy

  2. Skins says:

    I’m ashamed to say… I’ve lived in BKK for over a year and I’ve NEVER had a night out in Patpong! I walked down that street one drunken night and never stopped in anywhere. That was my first week here and I don’t remember shit but the stalls selling crap. I may have to see what the hype is about!

  3. Mike says:

    John, my god they were the days, first hit Bangkok 89, was a regular cleo bar for 15 years, was Shagging Som, very pretty girl white skin from Lao and a few from safari bar. Was best mates with the mamassan lady dressed as man and her girlfriend. Heading back mid nov for a few days BBK before back to soi 6 pattaya. What has happened to cleo bar?

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