Patpong GoGo Bar Has Special Promotion

At one time, very few of the Bangkok gogo bars seemed to be doing anything proactive except raise their prices. Nowadays it makes a refreshing change to see a number of Bangkok gogo bars host parties, theme nights, drink deals and special events; such as the recent NanaPong Dance Contests.

The Strip GoGo Bar are one of the Patpong gogo bars who host parties, theme nights and drink specials on a regular basis. Every week there is either a party, or drink special at The Strip for you to enjoy.

This weekend The Strip Bangkok are promoting Beer Buckets – Buy 4 Get 5 or you can Buy 5 Get 7 from any beer of your choice on the menu. All you Weekend Warriors can share the beers with friends, or drink them all yourself !!!

THE STRIP GOGO BAR PATPONG 2 - Patpong GoGo Bar Has Special Promotion



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