Halloween Party Nights At Spellbound

Spellbound Show Bar are celebrating Halloween in style with no less than four party nights. The Halloween Weekend starts early at Spellbound with Devil’s Night on October 30th, then Witches’ Night on October 31st, followed by Hell Raiser on November 1st and ending with Zombie Night on November 2nd.

There will be special shows throughout those party nights, plus all kinds of scary creatures! Drink specials include Devil’s Peril, Witches’ Brew and Spellbound Cocktails for the special price of just 100 baht.

Spellbound has just started doing stage shows this month and they have already made an impact on the Bangkok gogo bar scene. 

SPELLBOUND NANA PLAZA HALLOWEEN - Halloween Party Nights At Spellbound

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2 Responses to “Halloween Party Nights At Spellbound”

  1. Dominique says:

    Great work Dave!

    Kind regards


  2. David says:

    Dave, I like your bar and really appreciate that you have rejected the Coyote Bait-and-Switch Scam option, unlike too many other bars these days. Because of that, I have made Spellbound my first visit/first look stop for barfining one or more of your fine young REAL gogo dancer ladies. But I was a bit bummed out by the jacked up Coyote-style barfine for Halloween night, 2000b (until Midnight, then it went to a still jacked up 1000b) vs the usual 700b! Once I was informed about that by the staff, I politely declined my favorite Spellbound girl’s anxious request that I take her out and moved on to another bar. I did that on principle more than due to budget, just as I avoid, on principle more than anything else, patronizing gogo bars that have embraced the Coyote Bait-and-Switch Scam. I honestly don’t know if that increase was only for Halloween Night or it it was also in place the next two “special” nights, Hell Raiser and Zombie Night, because I didn’t bother returning to find out. I figured I would just wait until the following week or so before returning to make sure there were no more “special” night jacked up barfine surprises.

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