Check out the hot babes of Nana Plaza at Bangkok Bunnies!

This HUGE gogo bar is located next to Suckers as you enter Nana Plaza.


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  1. Perslu says:

    Yep and is so visible just after You enetered Nana. It’s not possible do not see it because many Ladies outside waiting for guests 🙂 And they have nice bunny uniform 😉
    And are cute When You first time visit this place 🙂

  2. Terence says:

    Was at Bangkok Bunnies at Sept 5th 2016, 9 pm.

    Beer 160 THB
    Ladydrink 180 THB
    Barfine 700 THB
    Short Time 2500 THB (not negotiable)
    Long Time 5000 THB (not negotiable)
    Pro: Clean and new venue with plenty of girls, approx. 80 at the same time. Maybe 15 of them topless. After 2-3 songs they shift the dancers, but the ones not dancing will sit next to the stage or with customers. Average age of girls was maybe 25 yo.
    Some around 20 yo. but also some around 30 yo. Girls quality was quite good, some stunners but also some real ugly ones looking like rice farmers in a 70’s Kung Fu movie or with real bad unequal silicone tits.
    30% of girls with scars on belly due to post-birth. In general a good selection for any taste.

    Con: I sat only one minute and had one girl to my left and one to my right begging for ladydrinks. I could barely checkout the stage because I had to defend myself all the time. I said clear but polite  that it is me who choices the girl. Then the next came and I started from scratch…

    Finally I ordered a ladydrink to an ugly but very friendly and funny one, told her that I’m not interested in her but asked her to help me make my choice. That was a good idea, since this kept the others in distance and I could tell her what I prefer. Finally she recommended a real hottie with a bright smile. Model shape, maybe 165 cm 45 kg and topless A cup with curvy ass. Best choice! She called her over, said thanks for the ladydrink and let me alone with my hottie. She was real sweet, friendly and 28 yo, but looked like 20. Amazing!

    Booked her long time, was a really exciting experience, she had fun fucking with me and asked for more. BBBJ and CIM without asking for. She stayed from 10 pm to 11 am the next day. All in all 4 shots for me.

    I gave her my number and the next day she called me and came to my hotel at 12 am and stayed for the next 48 hours, she asked for 8000 THB which I gave her, she was worth every single Baht.

    Bangkok Bunnies is worth a visit, even they are pushy to get ladydrinks.
    Would give them 7 of 10 points.

    Was also at Twisters, Suckers, Billboard and Mandarin, but left every of them alone because they were much more pushy and even the Mamasans asked for drinks. Mandarin was the worst. Billboard was also disappointing.

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