Spanky’s Sexotic Showgirls

It’s Not Just Fun And Frolics!

Spanky’s Go-Go & Show Bar is renowned for its fun and frolics, but it’s also popular for sexotic stage shows.

As if it’s not hot enough in Bangkok, the temperature soars when the Spanky’s Showgirls get down and dirty!

Do you fancy eating cookies off heavenly bodies? Yep, you heard me right! Even this fantasy becomes a reality during Spanky’s Showtime

Spanky’s Bar is located next to Angelwitch Bar on Floor 2 in Nana Plaza 

Spankys Showgirls - Spanky's Sexotic Showgirls

Spankys Showgirl Nana Plaza  - Spanky's Sexotic Showgirls

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5 Responses to “Spanky’s Sexotic Showgirls”

  1. Darel James says:

    Great photos, but the bird in the second photo is hideous on the eyes. Can you not find a honey and not a barker?

  2. Well Darel, as the old adage goes, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison!” There is simply no accounting for taste. This Spanky’s Showgirl is an acrobatic performer who does the flying splits. Her stage show skills are second to none.

  3. Randy says:

    She looks way better than most women around my town

  4. Hey Randy, some guys forget this most important aspect. Regarding Thai dolly birds, I call it the AAA Factor – Adorable, Available, Affordable!

  5. What options do we have in Farangland compared to Thailand? I rest my case guys!

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