Soi Cowboy Construction

Construction has commenced on The Old Dutch, which will become a new addition to Bangkok’s go-go bar scene.

The Old Dutch was an institution on Soi Cowboy for decades, but the neighbours in Crazy House have now taken over the lease.

While it is the end of a nostalgic era for The Old Dutch, the go-go bar fans will be thrilled to get a new pleasure palace. 


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One Response to “Soi Cowboy Construction”

  1. Sam says:

    I am not convinced that I would be thrilled of the opening of a “Crazy House 2”. I pretty much have gone into all the bars on cowboy & Nana at least once during the last few years without being rejected or kicked out other than Crazy House (not kicked out, just rejected). I read reviews and also heard the same thing happened to a friend of mine. Whatever the guy at the door is called asked for 500 to enter (on one occasion) and on another said “members only”. The 500 for what? Is it cover charge? The only answer I got was go away. Well… Is it because I have a slightly darker skin? and so does my friend.

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