Bangkok Butterflies Babes!

Butterflies Go-Go Bar

(Top Floor Nana Plaza Bangkok)

Butterflies Go-Go Bar has risen to become a great go-go bar full of fun ‘n’ frolics! It’s a far cry from its previously meagre existence. The ‘Butterflies’ are much more farang-friendly here. 

Top Tip! Go over to the sofas and let a hot dolly bird jump on top of you 🙂

Butterflies Babes 1 - Bangkok Butterflies Babes!

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One Response to “Bangkok Butterflies Babes!”

  1. Huey says:

    Butterflies was my go-to bar the past few weeks; better than Billboard in my book; same atmosphere as in JailBirdz, which was a great bar, loved the jail theme; the decor is blasee now, but the girls and vibe are the same and fine.

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