Air Asia Creates Hilarious Blunder

A recent promotional campaign by AirAsia has caused a stir among the travel industry, especially in Australia.

Apparently, the campaign slogan ‘Get off in Thailand’ has hit a raw nerve with the Aussie snowflakes and complaints have been lodged.

For us observers, it is a hilarious blunder of mega proportions, albeit clearly an innocent mistake by AirAsia’s marketing team. This leads me to wonder if they should pursue a career in comedy writing.

Although clearly an oversight, this indiscretion is a nasty kick in the nuts for political correctness. Meanwhile, Australia’s Collective Shout Women’s Rights Group remain in a state of shock.

Daves Raves – I almost spat my coffee out when I read it :)

Air Asia apologises for its “Get off in Thailand” promotion | The Thaiger

AirAsia has now apologised following an advertising campaign using the phrase “Get off in Thailand” was posted around the city of Brisbane to promote the airline’s direct route to Bangkok. Collective Shout, a campaign movement against the objectification of women says the marketing gaff promoted sex tourism in Thailand.

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