Bangkok Birthday Boy – 30/04/2011

Dave The Rave Is 48 Years Young!

It was several hours after midnight in a sleepy, rural †town in England. Nightfall had caste his†inky black cloak over the East Midlands in the United Kingdom…

Back in those days it was known as †Great Britain.†The deathly still of night stirred ever so slightly,†with the crisp air of spring. Then it happened.†A certain Dave The Rave entered the world in the sexy sixties. The world would never be the same again!

Join me if you can tonight (29/04/2011) at midnight, or all night Saturday (30/04/2011) in Angelwitch Go-Go Bar in†Nana Plaza. I have survived another year as the Go-Go Guru in the neon jungles of Bangkok. I will be 48 and Iím edging closer to the big five zero. I look forward to seeing you either Friday night, or Saturday night. If you cannot make it on these nights, belated birthday wishes are graciously accepted.


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