Bangkok Covid-19 Virus Update



The Covid-19 outbreak in Bangkok has spiked, forcing the Thai government to seriously consider a lockdown. 

Bangkok is already in shutdown mode with shopping malls, bars, nightclubs and restaurants, all closed until at least April 12th. 

Recently, the Thai Army was deployed to disinfect Chinatown and Thailand was recently praised for their efforts by the World Health Organisation. 

It is the consensus from ground zero that lockdown is not a matter of if but when. With the Covid-19 cases rising it is more inevitable. 

NB. Covid-19 is an acronym for Corona Virus Disease 2019 


Gov’t Considering Emergency Decree as New 89 Cases Reported

BANGKOK – Emergency decree may be enacted soon to impose a lockdown of Bangkok in a bid to stem the coronavirus epidemic, government sources said Friday. The measure is being discussed just as health officials on Saturday say 89 new cases of confirmed infection were found, a sharp rise from daily tally in recent days.


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