Bulmers English Cider

Bullmer's English CiderBulmers Original English Cider is most certainly making an impactright acrossregions of Thailand. Its crisp, refreshing taste is so soothing duringthose humid, tropical nights. Whether you are seeking tranquility on a remote beach, or you are amid the pulsating beat of Thailand’s world famous nightlife – Bulmers is an excellent choice. Some people talk about Bulmers being an expensive drink. What they do not realize is that it is a MASSIVE drink. This popular English Cider is served over ice from large 568ml bottles.Bulmers also hasa reasonable alcohol volume of 4.5%. A bottle of Bulmers Originaltowers above your standardbeer bottle. A small bottle of Heineken or Singha (usually served in farang bars) is no comparison in terms of liquidvolume.Bulmers Original English Cider is a most welcomed addition to Thailand’s range of beverages.

Oh, how those memories of English summertime come back like a long lost friend. Those lazy hazy English summers with villagefolks tucking into Ploughman’s lunchesamid a backdrop ofthatch roof cottages. This scenery mixes with the trundling soundsof tractors in thegolden corn fields of rural England. Stunning Cambridge Universitydolly birdsdrinking Bulmers Original Cider along the riverbanks of Cambridgeshire. The summer is the best time to be in merry little England for sure. Even among the youth in England, you can see that Bulmers OriginalCideris a trendy drink.

Daves Raves – If you see a lovely dolly bird that you fancy, then get her on the Bulmers… I hear you utter but why do that?

“It was the cider inside her, that got me inside her!”

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