Chequers Pub Sports Schedule

CHEQUERS ARE GETTING SPORTY – This week’s Sports Schedule is providedcourtesy ofChequers Sports Pub, which is located near Dynasty Inn on Soi Nana, Bangkok.

SOUND BITE – I had a ‘sound bite’ in Chequers Pub the other day. I ordered a bacon and tomato sandwich with new bread. Chequers sandwiches are reasonably pricedat 110 baht. It consisted of thick slices of fresh bread, filled with succulent bacon and a few slices of tomato for good measure. It was absolutelydelicious. Idevouredit so fast I had to count all my fingers!

FOOTBALL – Manchester United host Chelsea in a match that could decide who wins the English Premiership. The big game kicks off at 6:45 PM. Come on you Red Devils!


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