Dave The Rave Celebrates Half Century

It’s My Last Day In My 40’s!

Dave-The-Rave-BangkokIt was a few hours after midnight in a sleepy town in the United Kingdom. Nightfall had caste its jet black cloak over the East Midlands in rural England.The deathly still of night stirred with the crisp air of spring.

Then it happened, a certainDave The Raveentered the world in the sexy sixties. Fair to say that the world would never be the same again.

I now commence my 15th consecutive year as the Go-Go Guru in the neon jungle of Nana Plaza. I will be celebrating my Half Century, or the Big Five Zero inAngelwitch Go-Go Baron Tuesday, April 30th.

All are welcome and there will be FREE SHOTSduring the night. Cheers!

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