Daves Raves – 05/05/2011

Daves Raves, Weird Weather, Osama Bin LadenAnd Foreign Exchange Rates In Thailand.

Daves Raves – From Irregular ToRegular

Several friends and followers of my website, have verbally demonstrated their frustration about the inconsistent posts on my website.To some degree, I thinkI am accountable for irregular behaviour, andI’m not talking about what I get up to in Bangkok’s go-go bars! I will try to post more regularly, with blog posts almost every day. Hold tight riders, here we go.Woohoo!

Photo Acknowledgement & Copyright

The photo above shows a deserted Soi Cowboy due to heavy rainfall. Photo acknowledgement and copyright belongs to Stickman Bangkok.

Weird Weather

The crazy climate in Asia has been weird to say the least lately. Bangkokhas sufferedan extremely changeable climate. As a thoughtful Thaigirl said to me,’In Thailand we usually have three seasons every year, butsometimeswe haveall three seasonsin one day.’ I confirm that this is correct, as I’mconfused from being eithersoaked with sweat, or soaked with rain. Last night was a prime example. It was so humid, you only had to be outside for a few minutes and you soon got all sweaty and sticky. Then, laterin the eveningit hammered down with rain. The torrential rain was so unrelenting, that parts of Bangkok were flooded. Be warned that one moment it’s hot and then it’s not.

World News Report – Osama Bin Laden

I read that Osama Bin Laden was buried at sea. I didn’t even know he was a sailor!

Foreign Currency Exchange Rates In Thailand

The American dollar remains static at 30 Thai baht to the US dollar. However, the British pound makes some ground at 50 Thai baht to the UK pound. Also, the Euro gained some ground andincreased to 45 Thai baht to the Euro.Not bad at all considering that fairly recently,the Euro looked to be plummeting towards the US dollar. While this is good news for Brits and Europeans, the American dollar remains weak against a consistently strong Thai baht. We are not dancing in the aisles yet, but this is an encouraging sign for the British pound and the Euro. (These figures are the sell rates from Bangkok Bank).


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